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There has been no time the name, Biafra, has been more pronounced as it's been in recent times particularly since the coming of this draconian administration headed by a nepotistic dictator in a supposedly democratic dispensation.
The political atmosphere is quite certain that the concept of "one Nigeria", as chanted mostly by benefactors of the state, has dawned to be a facade. A charade that even the daftest audience no longer find it amusing for entertainment.

Why has the agitation for a Biafra sovereign state suddenly heightened? Could it be because power has shifted to the north? To me, I won't say the consciousness to agitate for Biafra sudden became exigent. It has always been there but bottled up by a deceptive calmness in the Nigerian polity when a certain Jonathan was in power. The atmosphere then didn't provide a judiciousness to invigorate the Biafra dream and agitation. Be that as it may, the coming of Buhari as president of Nigeria brought about it all the good and justifiable reasons why a section of the country want to dissociate from Nigeria. If there is anything I am forever grateful to Buhari is that he raised the carpet where we have over the years swept and hid all the nagging issues bedeviling the Nigeria state. No thanks to his nepotistic psyche.


I believe apart from marginalization which the east suffer so much, the real quest for Biafra is FREEDOM for a people who live in a country like a conquered generation controlled by a northern hegemonic caliphate that determines the rate of growth of the country and how much a particular race can attain in Nigeria's political stratosphere.

This is a country where standards are utterly disrespected by the North while rewarding laziness and mediocrity. For instance, a child from the east or south has to attain a high educational intellect to score exceedingly high cutoff marks as compared to almost nothing scored by a child from the north. Then many years later, the same child from the north becomes President while the professor child from the east eventually works under the northern child.

Nigeria is the only country where people from the arid region who contribute almost nothing to the national bakery that bakes our national cake gang themselves up like street touts and forcefully take from the more educated, more endowed and more exposed through a flawed constitution and thereafter turn the the southerners and Easterners as second class citizens while some half brains with babarigas spread themselves and walk on us like lords. Talk about a case of "monkey dey work baboon dey chop".

The list of social disparities as embodied in Nigeria through the constitution is endless. However, time has come to demand that this devilishly skewed political imbalance enjoyed by almajiris from the north should STOP!

I have no doubt in my mind that Biafra has come to stay and only counting the times for its eventual actualization. But politics is about defining your interest and setting out to achieving it with a resolve to DO IT RIGHT. It is paramount therefore to note that realizing Biafra MUST come from outwitting the game of politics in Nigeria as a first step. Evey step must be calculated to ensure that the blood thirsty Nigeria Army do not take the lives of Biafra agitators again. DEAD MEN DON'T FIGHT WARS. The agitators of Biafra must also know that they MUST come down their high horses and humbly woo their neighbors to understand the need for partnership. Understand that the larger the agitation the more difficult it is for Biafra detractors to quash the dream.

Biafra failed the first time because it was about Igbo and it will most likely fail again if it carries the same sentiment. It should this time be about a region and/or possibly regions incorporating south south. Whatever fears that your neighbors have for supporting the Biafra dream behoves on the secession agitators to even further strengthen their resolve to woo their neighbors the more. This things require tact and wisdom while coming with plain hands and sincerity.

Biafra must survive!!!
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