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LET MY PEOPLE GO by Magnus Oraka


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This was the infamous demand made to Pharaoh by moses asking the former to free the Israelites who were forced as slaves in Egypt. Today I hear this demand reechoed in Nigeria only this time, in the subtilty of of its semantic "BIAFRA"!, and other prospective breakaways who are just bitten by the realisation bug.
Is it possible to draw out a simulative conjecture of likening
what we are going through in Nigeria to the scenario in Egypt? Can we liken Nigeria to Egypt? Who are the Israelites?
Where is the promise land? Are we slaves in a country foreign to us? Who is Pharaoh in this analogy? Unequivocally, it is affirmable to assert that the scenario we have in today's Nigeria is quite replicative of the Israelite situation in the Bible Egypt but with poetic casts.
Let me draw out a cast so that the depth of the inference of this post can be assimilated with profound comprehension:- 
PHARAOH: Northern Cabal
ISRAELITES: Christians and Southerners.
MOSES: in this case, our collective awareness.

In the Bible, the Israelites were multiplying geometrically in population and this encouraged the Egyptians to come up with the idea to check the Israelites growth and spread into the commerce of Egypt. Fast forward to today. The Christian faith in Nigeria is growing geometrically (not minding the number of fake churches but they all shout Jesus!). Christians are everywhere "spreading the Gospel "Jesus!" as every knee is bowing every tongue is confessing "Jesus is Lord". And what is worse to the observation of the cabal, the spread of Christianity is spreading into the seat of power - Aso Rock (note the Aso Rock Chapel). Christians now control power (Obasanjo and Jonathan). Christians now control the commercial entity in Nigeria. No! This was too much and was trending a dangerous precedence which the cabal was not too comfortable with. Pharaoh (the cabal) will not have it. There is a need to STOP this new order by whatever means possible including murder, lying, deceit, propaganda, covetousness, and outright intimidation and domination.
The Israelites who once had a good life in Egypt were later reduced to slaves with moses fleeing. In Nigeria today, Christians are now relegated to the background as all effort were put in place to send the real Messiah, Jonathan, (not the Buhari the "mai shayi"), to flee (remember the phone call).
Suddenly, everyone is now overwhelmed with the awareness that something is deeply wrong with the entity called Nigeria as a certain cabal have decided to reduce our collective sensibilities to assessed idiocy. Those who now realise that they are slaves in their own country are shouting "let my people Go!" They calling Biafra, Niger-Delta Republic. Even part of the North-central have suddenly realize the Arewa marriage is a facade and are steadily liberating there mentalities. The realisation is pervasive. Everyone in everywhere is chanting LET MY PEOPLE GO! 
If this sham country cannot be RESTRUCTURED!
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