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Sequel to the event of frozen MAVROS in the late part of 2016 which made so many of the Ponzi Scheme (MMM) participants weary about whether to continue with the scheme or to stop participating due to their accumulated monies known as MAVROS.

Recently, the founder of the MMM, Sergio Mavrodi sent a vivid description how to get back the frozen 2016-MAVRO.

On a daily basis, MMM Nigeria’s members get paid for their Mavro acquired in the year of 2016. As the MMM Community is recovering in Nigeria and getting stronger, the amount of payments for Mavros-2016 is growing as well.

We have compiled the folder with the screenshots of GH-requests for Mavro-2016. Spread these screenshots in the social networks and WhatsApp. It is really important!

A special limit for Mavro-2016 payments has been introduced. This limit was determined in a such way that GHs for Mavro-2016 won’t create any additional burden on the Community and won’t affect its sustainability. According to this limit, members get a part of their Mavros-2016 every day. Members who can request help in Mavros-2016 are selected randomly. Therefore, if you want to withdraw your Mavros-2016, check your PO regularly. Your turn may come. Besides that, MMM is developing additional tools that will allow to intensify payments for Mavros-2016.
The limits for Mavros-2016 depend on your activity. So, tell your friends and relatives about MMM, handle objections, spread positive information about the Community in the social networks and do PromoTasks.
Together, we will reach our goal!  MMM Nigeria will overcome!
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