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Porn was not made for entertainment or fun it was made purposely to destroy both the actors and their viewers. It feeds man with lust and makes him desire for more. This is the root cause of masturbation and all abominable sexual act.

Ignorant men love to watch it for fun not knowing that they are inviting legions of demons into themselves. It is a great doorway for demonic
attacks and manipulations of ones destiny.
The entire univers is being control by spirits either of God or of the devil, and if you are not careful, you'll just suddenly run mad. Porn is the root cause why many so called believers keep on falling into the sin of fornication over and over again!
Have you asked yourself, the reasons why you are not making progress in life? why others are making it in life, but the case with you is different, why you are always disappointed at the edge of breakthrough or success?... at times in your dreams the more you run, it appears as if an invisible personality is pulling you backward, It's because in the spiritual realm, your spirit is being tie down or held captive by demons and except you are free, you are liable to end up in pains both here and in eternity.
Many men are hooked to porn, they become a slave to the sin, they want to come out after seeing the damaging side of it but lack the power. Many Married couple who get addicted to porn usually become unfaithful in their marriages, lusting after other women and men, young men who are not married will also masturbate, and go crazy with girls.
A colleague of mine told me years back that "it is alright to watch porn with your spouse if you are married, that is a lie! I disagreed with him. I wasn't as ignorant as he was. If Jesus wouldn't watch why should we? knowing that
we are His bride and His temple".
People who watch porn end up having strong irresistible sexual urges, because they have invited the demons of lust to live in them. Once
the spirit brings up the desire you can't stand the
pressure but will be ready to do it with whoever you get,
whether your close relative, a child or even an animal . This has ended many into prisons.
A man who was addicted to porn confessed that his whole life was destroyed by it. It distorted his image on how he viewed women, He saw
women as nothing more than mere "sex tools.
The good news is, YOU CAN BE FREE if you are willing, AND ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CAN SET YOU FREE, THAT BLOOD NEVER LOSES IT'S POWER. It Breaks, bruises and destroys satanic holds like nothing else can do, satan literally trembles when ever a saint mentions it. Surrender your life to Christ today, and HE WILL SET YOU FREE. Thereafter: discipline your eyes, study the Bible everyday, pray and fast until the yoke is completely broken out of your life.
Be warned, if you die in it, you will regret ever being born. Porn is deadly, destroy it before it destroys you.
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